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Lost Guardians of Vormis [LGoV] Headquarters
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Who We Are
The Lost Guardians of Vormis [LGoV] is a small, closely knit guild for casual players of Guild Wars 2. Our guild is based in the USA and focuses primarily on PvE content. We are headquartered on the West Coast, but we have members in the Eastern and Central time zones as well. All guild events are US Pacific time (GMT-7).

LGoV has a guild community website at shivtr:http://lostguardiansofvormis.shivtr.com/
We also have a private Discord server.

Who We Are Looking For
People who are enthusiastic about GW2! We want you to be a part of our elite, diverse, and welcoming group. We want to get to know you as an individual, not as part of a large mass of players that happens to share the same tag but never interact with each other.

This guild is designed for the working person with an active, out-of-game social life. We encourage you to put real-life obligations first and believe gaming should be one element of a well-balanced life. You will never be criticized or kicked from our ranks for taking care of real life obligations first.

Applicants to the guild start out in a trial period. If we work well together you will quickly gain membership. Long standing members may petition to become an officer in the guild. They will require the sponsorship of one current officer or the guild leader who will be willing the mentor and advise the new officer as they undertake recruiting duties. Applications for members to become officers are approved after discussion by officers, with Guild Leader representing consensus.

Conduct of a Guardian
We hold each member to high standards to ensure cooperation and harmony within the group. Every recruit should be friendly, helpful, and prompt to RSVPed events. Guardians are trustworthy, kind, and supportive players.

We aim to make this an open, accepting place for people who love Guild Wars to get together and geek out. As such, we do not tolerate discrimination or derogatory comments based on race, sex, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, or experience in gaming. This guild does not have a religious or political affiliation, so please do not bring either to playtime.

Because we like to have personal interaction with our members, we ask you to represent the guild on all characters.

Please respect our rules. We want Guild wars 2 to be an enjoyable experience for all of our members. These rules help keep things that way. If your actions run contrary to other member’s enjoyment, your actions will be reviewed by the officers and you may be asked to leave. We do not like to go to such extremes and would prefer that a reminder suffice.

Applying to Join
If you are interested in joining LGoV you can contact any of the following people through Guild Wars 2:

Opera Ghost (OperaGhost.3620)
Violent and Lonely (Violent And Lonely.1257)
Aurick Soulwarder (SirMoogie.9263)
Korinu (Korinu.4679)
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